Amazing NYC Neighborhoods Recommended by Arlo Hotel NYC

There’s dozens of amazing neighborhoods in the five boroughs of New York City. From Hell’s Kitchen to Chelsea and every place in between. At Arlo Hotel NYC, we have an intimate understanding of our great city. It’s our business to know all the best sights and sounds, from the tastiest pho joints to some architectural gems that are off the beaten tourist path. We’re often fielding questions from our guests about the “best” neighborhoods to visit. While a “best” designation is subjective, we do have several favorites that offer something for all tastes.

First on our list is Williamsburg in Brooklyn, which is perhaps in the recent years, the trendiest neighborhood in NYC. Once COVID-19 subsides, there’s a whole lot to do in Williamsburg, with its amazing bars and art galleries. For outside activities, enjoy some amazing takeout food from neighborhood standout Pies ‘n’ Thighs or Thai dishes from Noods n’ Chill. There are many side-walk COVID-safe dining options such as the city’s infamous 12 Chairs and Café Mogador.

Going back over the Williamsburg bridge and heading a little north brings you to Murray Hill in Manhattan. Located just a few blocks from Midtown, Murray Hill is a great place to discover some local spots for eating and drinking. Hit Madison Avenue for your shopping and get some culture with a visit to the Scandinavia House and the ridiculously awesome Museum of the Dog. The area is also home to various diplomatic buildings and consulates, due to its proximity to the United Nations headquarters and the plethora of old mansion buildings.

To find something a little more chill than, head to Astoria in Queens. It’s a mix of residential and commercial that’s perfect for a day trip. Stop by the famous Astoria Coffee and sip your troubles away while you people-watch in Athens Square Park. It’s easy to get to Astoria from either of our Arlo Hotel NYC, so you can enjoy a change of scenery and pace and get back into Manhattan in minutes.